The Purpose of Healing: Why you should do the work

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I recently had an experience where my work as a parent coach was challenged. After sharing my work with a new audience, the (very public) reaction/feedback that I received from the host was essentially (I'm paraphrasing), "I don't really get the point of all of this inner work talk. My kids are going to need therapy anyway, regardless what I do, so why bother?"

This feedback stung.

It immediately sucked the wind out of my sails and I felt ... hopeless.

I started questioning my work and the purpose of healing.

She's right - what is the point?

I sat with the pain for a while. I allowed myself to ruminate on the thoughts, question my purpose, consider throwing in the towel.

And then when the thoughts (and tears) ran dry, I took a deep breath, dusted myself off, and got back to work.

(Sometimes this work is like that.)

And then I realized something:

The reason I was able to pick myself back up after having an epic meltdown was because I am doing the inner work.

In the past, a comment like this would have derailed everything.

I would have convinced myself that it's time to give up, that the work I am doing is not important.

Old Tina relinquished power to the naysayers who questioned her.

I would have quit.

But Healing Tina - she knows people are going to say hurtful things. And what they say actually says more about them than it does me.

It doesn't mean that words don't sting (y'all, I bawled after this comment), but it does mean that after I've processed it, I know how to peel myself off the floor and stand in my knowing - in my power - again.

So here I am.

And I have a message for you.

If you are someone who sometimes wonders what the purpose of healing work is, here is what I know:

We can start this inner work because we want to be a better mama for our children, but somewhere along the way, we end up becoming kinder to ourselves.

Doing the inner work is not going to make you a perfect mother who never makes mistakes - that's not the point.

The point is not to prevent your children from ever experiencing a pain that they won't have to heal from in the future. That's unrealistic.

The point is to heal the wounds that are causing you to show up as someone other than the woman you want and were meant to be.

The point is to heal the wounds so you can live free from the pain that you've been carrying around for decades - pain that was never yours to carry.

The purpose of healing work is about stepping into the powerful, most healed version of yourself so that you can experience the love, joy, and peace that you were intended to feel.

So what I would have said to this person, and what I will say to anyone who questions my work in the future, is this:

We do the inner work so that we can consciously create the life we deserve - the life made of dreams. So that we can love freely, connect with our children and partner on a deeper, more meaningful level, and to genuinely love ourselves.

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