Release who you think you're supposed  to be and become who you were meant  to be.

Motherhood is exhausting & demanding, and when you're overtaken with emotion & out of control with fear, anxiety, worry, anger, or rage, you're disconnected from a relationship that can bring you the most joy & unconditional love.

Break the cycles, release the rage, and step into the woman & mama you were meant to be with one-on-one coaching designed to help you uncover & heal the wounds & patterns that keep you living life in the margins.

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What's Included in 1:1 Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching Sessions

1:1 Coaching

6 bi-weekly 50-minute 1:1 Zoom coaching sessions (12 weeks total)

Parent Coaching Voxer Support

Voxer Support

Daily DM support via Voxer - like having a coach in your back pocket

Parent Coaching Meditations


Three downloadable meditations to help you reconnect & recharge

Coaching is for you if ...

Every day feels like a battle of wills - you can barely keep your head above water.

You're overwhelmed & exhausted, and feel out-of-control with emotion

You thought parenting & life were supposed to be more beautiful than this ...

You find yourself parenting in ways you swore you wouldn't - you just can't help it.

You barely recognize the person you are anymore, & often wonder where you went.

You lie awake at night feeling overwhelmed & guilty about how you're "screwing it all up."

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Hi, I'm Tina!

And I'm here to support you along your healing journey.

Motherhood is exhausting and demanding and when you are so overtaken with your emotions and out of control with fear, anxiety, worry, anger, or rage, you are disconnected from a relationship that can bring you the most joy and unconditional love.

Motherhood is also an isolating experience. They say it takes a village, but where, exactly, is this village? No one tells you that you have to build your own.

Let me be a part of your village. I am here to support you through the challenges of motherhood - through those sleepless nights, torturous witching hours, and everything in between. I’m the person you can lean on when you’re wondering if you’re doing it wrong, the person who will hold a gentle, safe space for you to put down all that you’ve been carrying.

Meet Tina the Healing Parent Coach

A three-month coaching package is the place where you can bring all of your challenges & I'll help you to uncover the underlying messages & wounds that continue to show up. I'll give you the tools and resources that you need to heal the hurts so you can break cycles & show up as the mama you've always wanted to be.

It'll be hard, and there may be tears. But it is so worth it, because at the end of the day, you deserve to be the woman you want to be. You deserve to love fully and feel supported.

Motherhood is not only about raising little humans; it is an opportunity to uncover your deepest wounds and heal so you can return to the most authentic version of you - and genuinely love your life. Let's take that first step together.

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Three monthly payments of $444

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