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Capable mama parenting course
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The only framework that helps you deepen your understanding of self while helping you find peace & connection with your kids.

Rediscover your intuition & transform the way you parent.

Discover the groundbreaking mini-course that will help you find peace in parenting, explore your parenting style, and improve your child's behavior - all while reconnecting with self & those you love.

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Eliminate power struggles and find your way back to your self & your kids. 

You can get access to CAPABLE Mama mini-course for just $97 (a $250 value!).

✔️ Includes a seven step framework designed to help you find greater peace in your parenting.

✔️ Provides 10+ workbook exercises to help you discover your triggers and build a greater sense of self-awareness.

✔️ Deepens your intuition, grounds you in the moment, & helps you stay centered with three amazing meditation audios that you can download to any device.

✔️ Supports your transformation from a parent who detaches to a confident parent who communicates effectively and connects deeply.

capable mama mini parenting course workbook and video
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"You must make peace with your past to parent well."

Tina’s “CAPABLE Mama” is a resource I wish I would have had when I first adopted a sibling group of four. Because I had a trauma history, I mistakenly believed I could parent them well. Instead, their trauma triggered my past trauma. You must make peace with your past to parent well. Don’t wait. Grab this resource today. Leave Mom Rage behind and connect with your kiddos!

Kathleen Guire
National Parent of the Year
Author of How to Have Peace When Your Kids are in Chaos

Capable mama parenting course

The groundbreaking mini-course designed to help you tap into your intuition to build deeper connection & peace.


Just imagine if you could:

✔️ Quickly develop effective strategies for regaining control over your emotions, recognizing your triggers, and staying calm during tense parenting moments without yelling at your children.

✔️ Have a concrete plan of action for discovering your own childhood messages, and begin the work needed to heal your inner child, all in the limited time that you have.

✔️ Actually feel excited and happy (instead of overwhelmed) about parenting.

✔️ Feel completely confident in your ability to communicate effectively and stay calm during challenging interactions with your child.

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"You will not regret taking time to be more reflective about your own parenting."

Tina has won me over.  A Capable Mama she surely is! She is smart and wise, yet she comes across as a real mom just like me.  She drew me in with her easy-going nature.  She is self-deprecating and shares her own parenting mistakes, which makes her believable.  But make no mistake:  she has thought through parenting more than most of us, and she relates her ups and downs in such a charming and inviting way that you can't help but want to hear more from her. Spend the money to give yourself access to Tina's program. You will not regret taking time to be more reflective about your own parenting journey, and you will agree that it is money well spent.

Laurie S.
Mom to Two Teens

Meet Your Instructor

Hey there, I'm Tina & I'm here to support you along your parenting journey.

Parenting is one of the most challenging things you will ever do. When you first became a parent, you likely had an idea of the type of parent you wanted to be. And maybe during the first year or so, it was easy to be that parent.

But then somewhere along the way, parenting became more of a taxing job than a nurturing relationship. You’re overwhelmed and exhausted, and at the end of the day, maybe you feel like you’re turning into your mom - you’re parenting in all the ways you swore you never would: you yell. You bribe. You’re controlling.

Tina Hamilton Parenting Coach of the capable mama mini-course

You wanted so much more for your relationship with your child, but you just can’t seem to figure it out.

I started The Healing Parent to help moms like you: moms who love their children deeply, but who continue to find themselves frustrated, irked, even triggered by those same children. I am on a quest to help mothers find themselves so they can enjoy their relationship with their kids.

Motherhood is exhausting and demanding and when you are so overtaken with your emotions and out of control with fear, anxiety, worry, anger, or rage, you are disconnected from a relationship that can bring you the most joy and unconditional love.

Motherhood is not only a chance to raise little humans, it is a chance to uncover your deepest wounds and heal so you can become the most authentic version of you - and genuinely love parenting.

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"Thank you for pouring out your soul to us. Some of us need to hear that there are others out there with the same life experiences. It helps, it really does."

Mom of Two

Capable mama parenting course

Get the tools you need to build a thriving relationship with yourself & those you love.

Improving your relationship with your child starts today. Our easy-to-follow tips, step-by-step instructions, practical guide and workbook pages will help you dive deep into self-discovery and healing, allowing you to recognize and overcome your triggers, identify childhood messages that are showing up in your parenting, and develop strategies to help you stop yelling even during the most challenging times.

Our incredible framework is organized into seven steps:








Designed with you in mind, each video & audio recording is less than 10 minutes. There's even an option to download the files so you can listen on the go!

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