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Bring a unique, action-oriented parenting perspective to your audience by having influential speaker Tina Hamilton address real-life parenting challenges with wisdom and experience.

Tina expertly conveys both insight and tactics parents can implement right away to see lasting change in their relationships with their children. 

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As a mother, teacher, and transformational coach with 20 years of insights, I offer talks grounded in real-world knowledge of child development stages. My speaking style blends research-backed perspectives with vulnerable storytelling and tactical takeaways for audiences seeking empowerment through self-work.

If you invite me to present at your event, attendees can expect wisdom and insight from my own parenting journey - the overwhelm I overcame, the inner child wounds I tended, and the tools I cultivated through mindfulness and nervous system regulation techniques. My talks unpack common struggles with care and understanding while providing actionable next steps for conscious, compassionate parenting.

While my expertise equips me to address various themes—from emotional regulation to boundaries to rewriting family narratives—I always tailor my presentations to the event. So whether you have groups of mothers, fathers, teachers or other caregivers, I design uplifting yet honest talks on the issues weighing heaviest so we transform struggles into growth together.

My speaking philosophy is that when we build understanding and community with radical honesty and empathy, we can overcome recurring pain passed through generations. When we heal families in the present moments we drastically improve children’s futures.

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