Shift and protect your energy with a free Boundary meditation.

Ever find yourself feeling drained and worn out after spending time with certain people?

It might be a sign that you're absorbing their energy, leaving you ungrounded and disconnected.

This Boundary Meditation is designed to help you establish a protective shield, ensuring that your energy remains yours. Say goodbye to the emotional wear and tear – reclaim your center and maintain the balance you deserve.

Shield yourself from absorbing unwanted vibes and rediscover the power of staying true to your energy with this quick 5-minute meditation.

Meet Your Instructor

Hey there, I'm Tina & I'm here to support you along a healing journey.

As a mother and former teacher with nearly two decades of experience, I understand the challenges of being around children constantly, and the feeling that things should be better (easier) than they are. Which is why as a healing coach, I work with moms to transform their experience of parenting and their relationship with their children by first healing themselves.

I know firsthand how the exhaustion, anxiety, and emotional overwhelm of parenting can make parenting feel difficult, if not impossible! I have two children myself, and after healing my own inner child through focused self-reflection and nervous system regulation techniques, I transformed my own parenting and reconnected with them.

And as an educator, my experiences have given me extensive knowledge of child development and how it translates into real life.

If you've found me, you're probably looking for help to bridge the gap between how you want to parent and how you're actually parenting. 

This is why I want to encourage you to rewrite your story. Through self-healing techniques like meditation, journaling, and deep self-awareness practices, I will guide you to release knee-jerk parenting reactions rooted in past experiences and fears. By learning to care for yourself with more compassion and intuition, you can pave the way for an authentic parent-child relationship based on emotional awareness and understanding. 

I know you can do it, and I am here to support you!

Join me and together we'll work to create that nurturing home environment you crave while preventing negative cycles from carrying into the next generation.

I hold a master’s degree in secondary education, a post-master’s certificate in school leadership, and certifications in yoga teaching training and trauma-informed coaching.

Shift + protect your energy. Download your free meditation now.