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Parenting help through learning with Tina

Parenting is hard.

Sometimes you need a little support.

I want to be that support for you. 

I've created several resources to help you establish boundaries, manage difficult emotions, and heal old wounds - so you can nurture wholeness in yourself and your family.

Start connecting to your highest self today with these offerings. Experience soul-deep nourishment, so you can meet each parenting moment from a grounded place of wholeness and compassion.

Free Resources

Nurture Wholeness with Inner Work

Discover free offerings focused on establishing boundaries, managing difficult emotions, and healing your inner child.

Start connecting with your highest self today. My free resources allow you to sample the deep nourishment available through dedicated inner work. You deserve to feel grounded and whole.


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Free Resources
Meditations to support deeper awareness connection and healing


Take time to re-center and reflect

Discover a range of meditations to nourish your mind, body and spirit. They are designed to support your journey of growth and healing through inner work.

All my meditations provide deep yet accessible pathways to awakening your highest potential and living from your deepest truth.

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Parenting Course

Do you desire more peace and connection in your parenting journey? My CAPABLE Mama course provides a revolutionary 7-step framework for transforming your relationship with your child and yourself.

Discover your triggers, heal your inner child, and radically shift your ability to communicate with compassion. This mini-course helps you understand your emotions and your child’s behaviors. Feel excited rather than overwhelmed about parenting by implementing concrete strategies to remain calm, even during tense moments.

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1:1 parenting help through a coaching package with Tina
Meditations to support deeper awareness connection and healing


Transform Your Parenting 

Gain valuable tools to shift from reactive to responsive parenting with these two transformative masterclasses.

Walk away with actionable tactics, workbooks and a deeper understanding of what drives your reactions. Use these classes as part of unlearning knee-jerk responses for good. Instead tap into intuition and forge stronger bonds.

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Not sure which program is the right fit for you?

Email Tina with all your questions.

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