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Motherhood is exhausting & demanding, & when you are so overtaken with your emotions & out of control with fear, anxiety, worry, anger, or rage, you are disconnected from a relationship that can bring you the most joy and unconditional love.

Together, we can change this. Register now for {free} access to my Mom Rage Masterclass: an important conversation with parent coach, Tina Hamilton, about the anger & frustration that can consume & isolate moms, with actionable steps to take you from raging to calm when you need it most.

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Join the community where like-minded mamas gather to explore the connection between their inner world & parenting - where we unravel generational patterns & heal past wounds.

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Personalized one-on-one inner child healing and parent coaching designed to empower you to break generational cycles & heal your childhood wounds.

Build awareness around triggers, cultivate emotional intelligence, and regulate your nervous system to pave the way to a more profound & harmonious connection with your children.

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Meet Tina, the healing parent coach and learn more about her

As a healing parent coach, my goal is to help you discover your childhood messages and how they are showing up in your parenting. I’ve been where you are. I’ve walked the path of healing from my own trauma and childhood messaging. I guide caregivers along their own unique healing journey so that they may parent from a place of peace and validation, instead of from negative behavior patterns and habits that exist as a result of their own childhood.

Embarking on this journey can feel lonely. I am here to tell you: you are not alone. I am here to walk this path with you.

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